Precidian Investments® has created the next revolutionary ETF product innovation:

ActiveSharesSM will enable fund managers, for the first time, to combine the benefits of alpha generation (traditionally associated with mutual funds) with the simplicity, cost-efficiency, and tax benefits of ETFs.

ActiveSharesSM is a next generation financial product designed to provide real world solutions for ETF Providers, Financial Services Institutions, and the Mutual Fund Industry.

ActiveSharesSM  provide a significant advantage over existing mutual fund and ETF structures and will allow institutions to pass on the benefits to their customers in the form of lower cost, greater flexibility, and better performance.

Precidian Investments® ActiveSharesSM ETF Platform uses patented processes and technologies that enable fund managers to deliver the benefits of alpha generation associated with active management, and the cost savings, tax efficiency, and flexibility of ETFs.

ActiveSharesSM groundbreaking structure, pioneered by Precidian Investments®, provides managers with the security and flexibility of a non-transparent portfolio and the advantages and efficiencies of ETFs. It provides significant benefits to both portfolio managers and their customers and includes:

  • Portfolio holdings confidentiality allowing managers to more effectively implement portfolio strategies
  • Tax efficiency of an ETF, which has the ability to improve flexibility and performance
  • Traded on a regulated exchange
  • Margin eligible
  • Long/short positioning
  • Implementation of options strategies

By partnering with Precidian Investments®, you will be working alongside the leader in innovative ETF and financial product development. For an ongoing fee, Precidian Investments® will license the patent pending processes and technologies or, if you wish, act as sponsor for the products and handle all regulatory filings and oversight. Managers can stay focused on what they do best—generating alpha and growing assets under management.